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Ricoh PCC5.1: How to diagnose Device Registration Service (DRS) when deploying to the MFD

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When encountering an issue with Ricoh PCC5.1, what is needed when collecting the diagnostic logs from the Device Registration Service (DRS)?


Collecting diagnostic logs provides information to allow Kofax Support to diagnose the issue: 

1. Enable Tracing in DRS

  • On the server, open Device Configuration Manager
  • In the Administration Tab, check both boxes labeled "Enable Tracing"
  • Click Apply and Restart the Service in the Service Tab to start debug tracing of Device Registration Service

Trace settings.jpg

2. Make screen captures of the Files Settings

  • Launch the DRS web page from the Device Configuration Manager Service Tab
  • Open the Ricoh SOP drop down and capture the screen

3. Make screen captures of the Application Settings

  • Open the Applications page and capture the settings used by the Device that is being tested

4. Make screen captures of the Device settings

  • If the device is in a group, first capture the device settings
  • Then once you have this, capture the Devices settings and ensure the attempt history is visible so we can see what happened
  • For further tracing at the device, enable Debug and save the changes before deploying

5. Re-attempt to deploy PCC5.1 to the device

6. From the Device Configuration Manager open the Administration tab and click 'Show Logs' to open the folder.  From here, zip up the logs and attach to the case along with the screen captures from steps 2-4.

also collect logs from :


RXOP logs: C:\Program Files\Kofax\Device Registration Service\Service\Plugins\RXOP-SOP\CLITools\rxsp

CLI Logs: C:\Program Files\Kofax\Device Registration Service\Service\Plugins\RXOP-SOP\CLITools\logs


RXOP logs: C:\Program Files (x86)\Nuance\Device Registration Service\Service\Plugins\RXOP-SOP\CLITools\rxsp

CLI Logs: C:\Program Files (x86)\Nuance\Device Registration Service\Service\Plugins\RXOP-SOP\CLITools\logs

. Capture Device logs

  • Open a web page and navigate to : http://<IP address or host name>/web/entry/en/websys/direct/getSysInfo.cgi replacing <IP address or host name> with the actual MFD details.

Note: This page cannot be accessed from Web Image Monitor. Specify the date that the problem occurred and the number of days to download the logs. In deployment cases, set this to 1 (the day of the test). 


  • "3" is set by default for "Number of days, including date fault occurred, to obtain", which is the minimum needed for investigating the problem
  • "Obtain Fax Destination(s) Information" is set to "Off" by default.
  • The confirmation screen will appear and the information and/or logs will start being downloaded. To proceed to download the information and/or logs, wait for the open-or-save dialog to appear.
  • To cancel downloading, click "Cancel".
  • To reconfigure some settings, click "Download again".
  • When downloading the logs, the progress and elapsed time will be displayed on the operation panel.  After a while, the open-or-save dialog will appear. Specify where to download and save the file.
  • Attach the download log files to the case

Applies to:  

Product Version
Ricoh PCC5 5.1
Ricoh Unified Client 1.30.x