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Ricoh PCC5.1: Scan Gui not Installed Error

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When attempting to install Ricoh PCC5 (Kofax unified client for Ricoh), the install fails.


New MFDs from Ricoh come with SmartScanEx v2 which has a different product ID from SmartScanEx 1.06 on some models.

When deploying the client to the device, it installs 1.06 only if it finds lower version to 1.06. So, it finds 2x then it ignores it. However, when configuring the device, it checks for the product ID and does not find v1.06 and because the Product ID is not recognized,the install fails with the ScanGui not installed error.

It is possible to install on this device from Device registration Service (DRS) . The issue is the Product ID of the SmartscanEx.

Follow the instructions below to fix the issue.

Upgrade to the latest versions of DRS from the Kofax Delivery Site for either ControlSuite (ControlSUIte 1.2 FP2 minimum)  or for Equitrac 5.x (Device Registration Service 7.13.02 - Note will require server reboot). 

Next detect the version of Ricoh Scan Gui Installed

  1. Open the Device web page https://<device IP> and login  (where <device IP> is the IPaddress/FQDN of the MFD
  2. Go to Configuration > Extended Feature Information 
  3. Scroll through the pages to find the Ricoh Scan GUI, then open its properties page. This will display the product ID. 
  4. Open Notepad as Administrator
  5. Navigate to the DRS folder : C:\Program Files\Kofax\Device Registration Service\Service\Plugins (Equitrac 5 is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Nuance\Device Registration Service\Service\Plugins 
  6. Open the NSi.DeviceManagement.Plugins.RicohSOP.dll.config file
  7. Add the product ID of the Ricoh Scan GUI to the following line

 <ricohPluginConfiguration binPath="Plugins" JavaClassPathDirectory="RXOP-SOP" RicohCertificationName="Cacerts" RicohCertificationPassword="changeit" ApplicationTimeout="600" ServletPollingTimeout="600" StatusPollingTimeout="300" WaitForReboot="true" VerifyConfig="true" VerifyConfigRetryCount="5" VerifyConfigRetryDelay="10" InitialConfigPollingTimeout="240" SmartScanExIDs="1680333568,1679877890,1679877891,1679877892,1679877895" SmartScanExNames="RicohScanGUIService"/>

  1. Save and restart DRS service from the Device Configuration Manager

This will then allow the deployment to recognize the ProductID and allow installation to succeed 

Applies to:  

Product Version
Ricoh  PCC5.1
Kofax Unified Client for Ricoh 1.1