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Ricoh Unified Client : How to collect PCC5.x diagnostic logs

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How to collect diagnostic logs from Ricoh Unified Client MFD's for troubleshooting


First ensure the Device is configured in debug mode, otherwise logs will not be collected

To do this change the device configuration to turn on Debug mode in the Device Registration Service web page:


Then perform a configure and reboot to start log collection

Reproduce your problem and then follow the steps below to collect device logs

Go to the following website and log on as an administrator: http://[IP address or host name]/web/entry/en/websys/direct/getSysInfo.cgi

where [IP address or host name]/ is the device address (IP or FQDN)

Note: This page cannot be accessed from Web Image Monitor.

Specify the date that the problem occurred and the number of days to download the logs. If the fax destinations need to be included in the fax information, set "On" as "Obtain Fax Destination(s) Information". Then click "Download".


"2" is set by default for "Number of days, including date fault occurred, to obtain", which is the minimum needed for investigating the problem.

"Obtain Fax Destination(s) Information" is set to "Off" by default.

The confirmation screen will appear and the information and/or logs will start being downloaded. To proceed to download the information and/or logs, wait for the open-or-save dialog to appear.

When downloading the logs, the progress and elapsed time will be displayed on the operation panel.

After a while, the open-or-save dialog will appear. Specify where to download and save the file.

Upload the file to the case along with any other requested logs

Applies to:  

Product Version
PCC 5.x
Kofax Unified Client for Ricoh 1.x


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