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How to register an eCopy Product

What is Product Registration?:

eCopy Product Registration is completed by going to the eCopy Registration website and adding a license key to an account. Registration provides the following functionalities:

  • Identifies license ownership by an end user company
  • Provides a record of a customer's product purchases. This ensures that in case of system failure or employee termination, order information is maintained.
  • Allows visibility to Maintenance and Support status
  • Provides access to software downloads and accompanying documentation.
  • Provides access to software upgrades to current software version during warranty period.
  • Allows the selection of optional connectors/ extenders and Connector Access License options.

Note: NFR and Evaluation licenses cannot be registered.

How to register a license:

  1. Open a web browser and go to
  2. For Customers: If an account doesn't already exist, please create an account on the registration portal. Log into this account (after confirming the new account if appropriate)
  3. For Resellers: If a sub account doesn't already exist, please create a sub account for this end user. Log into this account and drill down to the appropriate sub account.
  4. Retrieve the license key, product key, or software serial number for the product to be registered. This can be found on order information, software packaging, or within the application if already activated with a permanent key.
  5. Click "Register" in the Navigation bar or "Register New Product" displayed on the Registration home page.
  6. Enter or paste the key into the appropriate field. The license key should be in all capitals.
    • Version 5 ShareScan and any version PDF Pro Office license keys (18 digits) must be entered with the dashes. Example: AAAAA-BBB-CCCC-DDDD-EE.
    • Version 4 and legacy ShareScan, Desktop, and PaperWorks keys (21 Digits) must be entered without dashes. Example: XAXAXAXAXAXAXAXAXAXAX
  7. When registering multiple keys, the "add another" button can be used to add multiple licenses to the account.
  8. When registering bundled ShareScan and Desktop applications, only one of the two keys needs to be registered. Both products and keys will be added to the account.
  9. Click on the register button.
  10. The licenses should now be registered. If any error messages are received, review appropriate information documented in the . Record neccessary information and follow approrpiate steps to resolve licensing issues.
  11. Confirm the licenses are now properly registered.