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eCopy: Information on consolidating or co-terming licenses

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The following applies to eCopy products, including eCopy ShareScan, eCopy PDF Pro Office and Paperworks.

What is Consolidating:

Consolidating is the process by which several license keys can be merged into a single volume license. This process requires that all licenses have the same Maintenance and Support (M&S) end date. In the event that the M&S end dates differ, the licenses can be cotermed.

What is Coterming:

Coterming is the process by which several license keys' Maintenance and Support contracts can be adjusted to a common end date. This process includes the quoting and purchase of M&S days to be renewed to bring all licenses to the same end date.

Why consolidate or coterm:

These processes are common for:

  • Larger customers with multiple license keys to ease the management of the software for customer IT staff/ vendor support.
  • Customers using citrix/ terminal server environments with eCopy PDF Pro Office.
  • Customers with large quantities of ShareScan licenses on a single server.  
  • Eases Maintenance & Support renewal processes and licensing tracking.

Minimum Requirements:

  • 10 seats or more of the product must be included in the total seat count.
  • All licenses must be for the same product including edition and vendor where applicable.
  • The Maintenance and support dates of all licenses must be the same or cotermed to the same end date.
  • Product versions that have reached end of sale can be consolidated to a currently selling software version only. Example ShareScan v4 licenses can be consolidated into a v5 volume key. Paperworks licenses can be consolidated into an eCopy PDF Pro Office volume key.
  • The request must be submitted to Nuance by the Vendor.
  • All license keys must be registered to the same account on the eCopy Registration site.

Additional Considerations:

  • When consolidating eCopy PDF Pro Office or Paperworks licenses that were sold as part of a bundle, the bundle relationship is severed once the licenses are consolidated. Maintenance and Support contracts must be renewed separately for ShareScan & PDF desktop software components.
  • ShareScan volume licenses can only be applied to a single SQL server. They may not be applied to multiple SQL servers. In the event of multiple ShareScan Manager servers, it is strongly recommended to test with a shared SQL database before requesting a license consolidation.

How to Request:

  1. Ensure that the vendor channel is engaged. Any requests to Nuance must be submitted by the vendor channel for processing.
  2. Open a support ticket on the support portal including the following:
    • Specify whether a cotermination or consolidation is being request.
    • Identify all the license keys that are to be included in the request. This may be submitted as spreadsheet file, for example.
    • Specify the end user company.
    • Specify the M&S end date desired for cotermination quotes. This must be a date equal to or later than the latest date in the included licenses.
    • For eCopy PDF Pro Office: advise if there are additional seats required and the quantity to be included in the quote.
  3. If licenses are not all located under the same registration account, support staff will coordinate a registration move for the customer licenses to a single registration account.
  4. A quote containing the part number and the quantity of the part number that must be purchased will be provided. Nuance does not provide the pricing information in consolidation or cotermination quotes. Quotes will expire after 30 days.
  5. The quote along with the purchase order, must be submitted through vendor ordering channel.

Adding on Additional Licenses:

A common question that occurs is whether additional seats can be purchased and added to the volume key

  • For ShareScan, additional licenses must be purchased prior to consolidation. Net new purchases can be consolidated again, however, the existing volume key and the new licenses may need to be coterminated during the consolidation process.
  • For eCopy PDF Pro Office, additional licenses can be added onto a volume license . A quote can be provided to purchase, consolidate, and coterminate the new licenses into a volume key. This can be submitted via the support portal