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eCopy PDF Pro: Toolbar font size is too small to read

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Problem Statement:

After installaing the software, the toolbar does not display properly (tiny text for the tool bar ribbon) on a monitor/tablet with high native resolution running Windows 10


Because eCopy PDF Pro was built with support for 1080p resolution, a configuration change is required to optimize for higher resolution screens.  Use the following Windows feature to limit the DPI used by the application.

  1. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Nuance\eCopy PDF Pro Office 6\bin

  2. Right-click on pdfplus.exe

  3. Select the Compatibility tab

  4. Click the button labeled Change high DPI settings

  5. Click the checkbox labeled: Override high DPI scaling behaviour.  Scaling performed by: Application

  6. Click Ok and Apply

  7. Restart the application


resolution_fix_pdf-1.PNG (46 KB)

resolution_fix_pdf-2.PNG (40 KB)