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Change SA and eCopy user password at localDB 2014 for eCopyShareScan

How to change SA and eCopy user password in ShareScan localDB 2014?

The localDB can be only access on the same PC/Server where it installed.

To able to manipulate the database you need to install SQL Management Studio 2014 on the same PC/Server.

Do the following steps:

- Open regedit

- Go to HKEY_Machine\Software\Nuance\ShareScan or HKEY_Machine\Software\Wow6432Node\Nuance\ShareScan

- Find "localDbId" key and copy the value [eg: SH8FB6AC]

- Open SQL Manager Studio

- Use connection string np:\\.\pipe\LOCALDB#xxxxxxxx\tsql\query where xxxxxxxx is the localDbId key.

[eg np:\\.\pipe\LOCALDB#SH8FB6AC\tsql\query]

- Use windows authentication...

Make sure the windows user has Administrator rights on the PC/Server

- Go to Security \ Logins

- Change the Password for SA and eCopy user to the default one [e+C0py2007_@x]

Do not forget to remove the tick from "Enforce password policy"