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How to Disable FTP in Apache Tomcat for ShareScan 5.1

How to disable FTP in Apache Tomcat for ShareScan 5.1


Is it possible to disable FTP in Apache Tomcat for ShareScan 5.1 if the customer doesn't want it available for some reason?

Warning: If using Xerox, this is required.  If using anything else, it may not be required.


The currently Tomcat WAR file (Web application ARchive) for the ShareScan web application used by some supported ShareScan platforms has no option to control this functionality.  One can effectively achieve the same result by doing the following:

1. Go to the extracted ShareScan bundle's directory. It is usually C:\Program Files\Nuance\Tomcat 7.0\webapps\ShareScan\WEB-INF\classes.

2. Locate the file and create a backup of it.   Edit it using a standard Windows text editor like notepad. (Make sure you have your editor started with administrative rights. To test, save the document right after opening it, without any changes made. If it is successful you can proceed to the next step.)

3. Locate the ftpserver.user section, where users are listed.

4. Remove all of them.

5. Save the file and restart Tomcat.

This will cause an exception when the ftp server instance is launched within Tomcat but everything else will be unaffected by this and normal operation will resume.

Please note that this modification will have to be redone when installing an update or a hotfix for the WAR file.