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How to append or insert new information into an existing PDF with ShareScan

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Is there a way to Append or Prepend a scan to a PDF document using ShareScan



For ShareScan 5.4, this feature is built-in, and no additional software is required to be installed.

For ShareScan 5.2 Service Pack 2, use the connector add-on called PDF File Merge. This add-on is available for download on the Nuance Navigator for Partners, dealers or resellers to download. End users should contact their dealer or reseller for this module. See details below.

For ShareScan 5.1 or 5.0, upgrade to a newer version and follow appropriate instructions.


  • Must have ShareScan 5.2 SP2 installed
  • Separate installer must be run for ShareScan 5.2. 
  • No additional licensing required
  • PDF File Merge will only work with the Quick Connect and Scan to File connectors
  • Only works with PDF documents
  • Information can only be appended after the last page or inserted before the first page in the document.

After requirements are met, the following changes are available in both the Quick Connect and Scan to File connector profiles.

On the File Name tab of the connector, located at the bottom where it states "If file name already exists:" there is a new option to select Merge images into existing document. There is also a box to check off labelled Can modify at runtime. And a default behavior to either Append after last page, or Insert before first page.

If a PDF document called Test.pdf exists in the location where the scan is being sent, and a user scans another document, they will be prompted to enter a file name. If they enter the file name Test, they will then be prompted to choose their Merge behavior (if modify at runtime was checked off). The original document will be modified by ShareScan to insert or append the information.

If the file Test.pdf did not exist, then the user would not be prompted to insert or append any information and the document would be created as per normal.

It is advisable to create a new connector profile for utilizing this feature to avoid documents accidentally becoming merged due to matching file names.

Please see the attached PDF document for screen shots.


PDF File Merge.pdf (122 KB)