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How to back up and restore ShareScan 5.2 LocalDB database

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Information on how to back up and restore the ShareScan 5.2 SQL Express LocalDB 2012 database

  1. Open a Command Prompt as Administrator
  2. Go to the Database Tools Directory
    • The Database tools are located in the [InstallDir]\Server\Tools\Database
    • i.e. C:\Program Files (x86)\Nuance\ShareScan5.2\Server\Tools\Database
    • Change directory to the Database directory (given above) by using the command such as the following.
    • CD C:\Program Files (x86)\Nuance\ShareScan5.2\Server\Tools\Database
  3. Note: do not edit any of the .cmd files.
  4. For SQL Express LocalDB 2012, the [SQLSERVER] is "(localdb)\.\eCopyShareScan"
  5. Run the command to back up the database
    • usage: db_backup.cmd [SQLSERVER] [db install user] [db install pwd] [BackupFilePath]
    • i.e. db_backup.cmd (localdb)\.\eCopyShareScan sa e+C0py2007_@x c:\ShareScanBackup\SS-DB-backup-Date
  6. Run the command to restore the database
    • usage: db_restore.cmd [SQLSERVER] [db install user] [db install pwd] [RestoreFilePath] [DatabaseUser] [DatabasePassword]
    • i.e. db_restore.cmd (localdb)\.\eCopyShareScan sa e+C0py2007_@x c:\ShareScanBackup\SS-DB-backup-Date eCopy e+C0py2007_@x
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