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How to configure ShareScan Exchange connector for multiple URLs

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Using ShareScan with Exchange Connector, using EWS (Exchange Web Services) or LDAP / EWS successfully with on-premise Exchange 2010 or Exchange 2013.  Outlook 365 in the cloud is also working with EWS / LDAP/EWS, however with a different URL.  Is there a way to support this scenario with one connector?


Yes, more than one URL can be specified when using Exchange Web Services.

To configure this behavior, the following steps must be done:

1. Go to the Exchange profile and press the "Edit" button.

2. Go to the "Protocols" tab.

3. Select "Exchange Web Services" or "LDAP / Exchange Web Services" protocol in the pull down menu.

4. Go to the "Web Services" tab

5. Select the "Use the following service URL" radio button

6. Enter the service URLs in the multi-line textbox under the selected radio buton (see attached ews-multiple-url-example.PNG)


  • Each service URLs must be entered on a new line - every line in this textbox can contain exactly one service URL
  • No additional separator characted should be used
  • The URLs should be listed in order of priority. 
    • Exchange connector will utilize the entered service URLs according to their order in the textbox
    • i.e. the URL in the first line will be used first, then if that failes, the one on the second line and so on...


ews-multiple-url-example.PNG (21 KB)