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How to disable Exchange Cached Mode in Outlook 2003

How do I disable the "Exchange Cached Mode" for a MS Outlook 2003 client?

By default, Cached Exchange Mode is enabled when you install Microsoft Outlook 2003 for the first time. However, when you upgrade to Microsoft Outlook 2003 from an earlier version of Outlook, Cached Exchange Mode may not be enabled.

During the upgrade process, your System Administrator can either enable or disable Cached Exchange Mode. This is a decision made by the customer's IT group. All support for email clients and mail severs are the responsibility of the customer's IT staff, not eCopy Technical Support.

How to disable Cached Exchange Mode for a MS Outlook 2003 client:

1. On the Tools menu, click "E-mail Accounts".

2. In the

"E-mail Accounts" dialog box, click "View or change existing e-mail accounts", and then click "Next".

3. Make sure that Microsoft Exchange Server is selected, and then click


4. In the

"E-mail-Mail Accounts" dialog box, click to deselect the "Use Cached Exchange Mode" check box, and then click "Next".

5. Click

"OK", and then restart the Outlook 2003 client.