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How to enable a Twain or ISIS UI in ShareScan 5.x

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How to enable a Twain or ISIS UI in ShareScan 5.x and 6.x ScanStations

1.     Open the ShareScan Administration Console

2.     In the left panel, select the Devices tab, then select the ScanStation device from the list

3.     In the right panel, Select the Scanner tab

4.     In the Device Scanner tab, find the field "Driver Name:" and select it.

5.     Once selected, an ellipsis (ナ) button should appear on the right edge of the field.

6.     Click on the ellipsis button to open the Driver Selection wizard.

7.     If not already selected, select a driver from the list then select the Setup button

8.     On the first form select "Next"

9.     On the second form select "Custom Mode" from the radio button options. "Perform tests" may be enabled or disabled per requirements. It is recommended that the driver tests be performed as a first troubleshooting step in order to ensure that the device capabilities are accurately reported. After making selections, click the "Next button"

10.     If perform tests was enabled, please process the tests per the recommendations in the wizard.

11.     After the tests are completed, a form with a "Review Hints" button will be visible. Click on the "Review Hints" button then the "Edit Hints" button on the subsequent form.

12.     In the "Available Hints" list, find TWAINUI or ISISUI hint and add it to the applied hints.

13.     Set the Value to "Show" then click OK.

14.     Click "OK" again to close the hint editor

15.     Click "Finish" to close the Setup wizard, then click "OK" to save the changes.

16.     A prompt will occur to review the Model Name assignment. It is strongly recommended to use the default value in this field.