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Information: Changing the PC hostname where a ShareScan v5-6 component is installed

Changing the PC hostname where a ShareScan is installed



The SQL database stores references to the ShareScan Manager PC Hostnames that are connected to it. Changing the hostname of a ShareScan Manager PC can cause the software to not be able to communicate with its SQL database.

Or the old configuration will disappear with the attached devices. In this case you can not add the devices again, you will see license has already in use message.

When intending to change a hostname of a PC where ShareScan and/or the database is installed, the following steps should be taken:

Information Required:

  • SQL database location. Note whether it is located on the same PC as the ShareScan admin console or on a Separate PC.
  • Old Hostnames of any ShareScan manager PCs that are changing
  • New Hostnames of any ShareScan manager PCs that are changing
  • Local Administrator credentials are required on the PC where SQL is installed.

  • A license report containing all keys (License Key reset is required when changing the hostname of the PC where SQL database is installed)

Before Changing the PC Hostname:

It is strongly recommended that make a backup from eCopy ShareScan SQL Database  before making any changes.

  • Export configuration with profiler tool [Profiler tool]
  • Backup eCopy ShareScan database [Advanced tab at ShareScan admin console --> database --> database backukp]


Changing the Admin Console PC Hostnames referenced in the SQL database:

  1. Close the ShareScan Administration Console. Open Windows Services stop the Sharescan Manager and ShareScan Agent services.
  2. Create a changehostname.sql file in Program Files or Program files (x86) \Kofax\sharescan6.3\server\tools\database folder with the following content:

use eCopyShareScan;

update ShareScan.ServicesManager set ServicesManagerName =


* Where the 'NEW_SERVER_NAME' is the new hostname and the 'OLD_SERVER_NAME' is the old or current hostname.

* Ensure that Windows Explorer is showing this file as a "SQL File" type and not a "Text Document" file type

  1. Go to Start > All Programs> Accessories > Right-click on Command Prompt and select "Run as administrator". In the prompt type:
    • osql -U eCopy -P e+C0py2007_@x -d eCopyShareScan -i changehostname.sql
      • The above command will only work if you use the eCopy Database user default password
  2. In Windows Services restart the ShareScan Manager and Agent services
  3. Open the Administration Console
  4. When the Administration Console starts, it will prompt you with a dialogue saying the "Database is not available"
  5. Select the first option "Database Configuration" In the menu select the ellipsis button and browse to the new hostname.

Restoring Configurations:

If any issues occurred, loss of profiles or database corruption may have occurred.

Restore the backed up database. This will restore all modification at DB level for ShareScan.

How to restore database:

Open ShareScan Administration console Advanced tab --> Database --> restore database --> restore the previously backed up DB.