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ShareScan: Information about the Job Monitor

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What is the Job Monitor:

The Job Monitor is web interface for authorized users to follow up on the states of jobs without having to directly rely on the ShareScan Administration Console. This tool is available from ShareScan 5.2 and newer.

The tool displays a list of jobs for

  • watched folders
  • watched email inboxes
  • MFP devices - both online and offline scan jobs
How to turn on  & configure the Job Monitor:
  1. Open the ShareScan Administration Console > ribbon Home tab> Settings
  2. In the Job Monitor section, set the Enabled checkbox to Yes
  3. In the Administrator/security group name, specify the contacts who are authorized to view the job monitor with either MachineName\GroupName or DomainName\GroupName. Note: Leaving this field blank provides access to BUILTIN\Everyone group.
  4. In the Client credential type select one of the following options:
    • Windows (Kerberos): supports Internet Explorer 7 or newer, or the latest Chrome version.

    • NTLM: supports the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari.
  5. The Page Expiration time can be adjusted from the default 60 seconds.
  6. If HTTPS should be used, set the checkbox to Yes.
  7. Add the thumbprint of the SSL certificate into this field if HTTPS is used. Microsoft KB.>
  8. The port used by the Job Monitor service can be adjusted from the default 8800. Note that adjusting the port will also adjust the URL used to access this tool.
  9. Click Save
Accessing the Job Monitor:
  • Using a Web Browser: Open the URL http://[manager pc name]:8800/jobmonitor or (https://)
  • Using the Administration Console: On the Devices tab, Right-click on a device or watch folder and select Job Monitor to view all jobs for that device or watch service only.

Here, detailed information about jobs, profiles used, status etc. are visible.

Options next to each job include:

  • Download the job where applicable
  • Restart a job
  • Cancel a job
  • Detailed Information about a job
  • Clicking on the Status of the job shows a list of actions, timestamps and completion times.
  • In the case of failed jobs, find detailed error messages to aid in resolving issues.