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ShareScan 6.1, 5.4, and 5.2 compatibility matrix and system requirements


These documents list eCopy products (ShareScan, Connectors, Services/ Extenders) with back end compatibility to applications, document management systems, virtual systems and Mail/FAX servers.

For System Requirements, please see the Pre-Installation CheckList (PICL) document.

Current eCopy product releases - attached below

  • eCopy ShareScan 6.2 [Kofax re-branded 6.1+SP1 +HF]
  • eCopy ShareScan 6.1
  • eCopy ShareScan 5.4 SP2 
  • eCopy ShareScan 5.2 SP2 

Older eCopy product releases attached below

  • eCopy ShareScan 5.1
  • eCopy ShareScan 5.0 SP4
  • eCopy ShareScan 4.3.5

eCopy_ShareScan_5-1_5-0_4-3-5-Compatibility_Matrix.pdf (187.72 KB)
eCopy_ShareScan_6-1_5-4_5-2-Compatibility_Matrix.pdf (129.82 KB)