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ShareScan Firewall Recommendations

ShareScan Firewall Recommendations


Windows Firewall may block the ports, programs or services required for ShareScan functionality.

  • Ensure that the required ports are open.
    • For ShareScan 5.x installations open ports listed in 
    • For ShareScan 4.x installations open ports listed in 

  • For Windows XP installations the ShareScan programs and services below must be added as exceptions.
  • For ShareScan 5.2 or 5.4
    • Windows XP is not supported
  • For ShareScan 5.0 installations:
    • Located in C:\Program files\Nuance\ShareScan5\Server
      • ShareScanManager.exe
      • ShareScanAgent.exe
      • ShareScanAdminConsole.exe
    • Located in C:\Program files\Nuance\ShareScan5\Server\Connectors\ScanToDesktop
      • InBoxAgent.exe
    • Located in the C:\Program files\Microsoft SQL Server folder where SQL is installed (Varies by SQL version. Only applicable when SQL is installed locally)
      • SQLServer.exe
  • For ShareScan 4.x installations:
    • Located in C:\Program Files\eCopy
      • ShareScanOPAgent.exe
      • ShareScanOPManager.exe
      • InboxAgent.exe
      • ShareScanOPClient.exe
    • Located in C:\Program files\Microsoft SQL Server
      • SQLServer.exe (for Internet Address Book only)
    • Located in C:\Windows\System32
      • MMC.exe
      • Dllhost.exe