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ShareScan email and folder watching service

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How to enable the email and folder watcher service


The ShareScan email and folder watching service is a purchased add-on module . This module is available for ShareScan version 5.2 and later versions.

In order to enable this feature, a valid license for this feature must be added to the ShareScan administration console. The three types of licenses are noted below with further details.

  • Customer Purchased License
  • Evaluation License
  • Not For Resale License (NFR)

Customer Purchased License:

  • Licenses are available for purchase through standard purchasing channel.
  • Customer licenses gives the licensee the right to attach up to 100 non-eCopy device connections (up to 100 folders or email addresses)
  • This license enforces this by limiting the page volume to 100,000 pages per year perpetually. The page count automatically renews each year. *
  • Additional licenses can be added as needed to increase the page volume. These new licenses will have a separate M&S expiration date and count renewal.

Evaluation and NFR licenses:

Thank you for contacting Kofax Technical Support, please note Eval/NFR licenses are being provided by our Sales team.

Please send us an email to providing the following information:
Full name:
Company name:
Email (*):
Type of environment and interested solution:

*How pages are counted:

  • When a watcher rule has a processing rule set to Process the files, each page of a job is counted in the licensing page count.
  • When a watcher rule has a processing rule set to Route the files, only 1 page is counted per job in the licensing page count.