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eCopy ShareScan considerations with eCopy Connector for Exchange

Are there any special considerations with the eCopy Connector for Exchange and eCopy ShareScan?

Things to consider:

  • The logged in user should have logon locally rights in order to properly configure the eCopy Connector for Exchange. 
  • If using multiple Exchange servers, the eCopy ShareScan user for each server must have a unique and different name.
  • Do not install the eCopy ShareScan Services Manager on an Exchange Server. Rather, install on a machine where Outlook client is installed. In addition, a Domain Controller should not be chosen either. The Exchange connector uses MAPI DLLs which are found when Outlook 2000, Outlook 2002 or Outlook 2003 is installed. Outlook 2002 (a.k.a. Office XP 2002) requires that you install Service Pack 3.
  • Following periods of heavy use and/or extended uptime of the connector, the device(s) may begin to display repeated "MAPI subsystem error..." messages, not allowing the device(s) to proceed any further. This signifies that the MAPI subsystem has exhausted its resources. In this case, the eCopy ShareScan Services Manager machine should be rebooted. 
  • There is a known Microsoft issue which will prevent proper Internet Address Book searching when Exchange Global Address List is disabled and the Internet Address Book is enabled within the "Address Book" tab of this connector.  
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