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eCopy ShareScan 6.1 Hotfix list

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ShareScan 6.1 Service Pack 1 (6.1.20518.0) Hotfixes

Hotfixes in this list can be implemented on ShareScan versions 6.1.20518.0

Note: ShareScan 6.2 has superceded ShareScan 6.1, and no new hotfixes are planned.  Upgrading is recommended for the latest fixes, security enhancements and features.




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The WorkSite connector Autonavigation feature is not able to reach the destination folder which can control the behavior of the connector Autonavigation feature.









When TCE is used together with page removal, the text content was not read after the first removed page. Fix has been implemented in TCE.









Error occurs when using the Xerox Remote Scan Module or the Xerox TWAIN driver. Initiating Scan for a Xerox Device results in "Scanner is not currently available. (281)" error message. Fixed that the device web service endpoints are called with the appropriate SOAP versions.









In case of using external authentication service, high memory utilization can occur. At the task manager there are plenty of ShareScanWorkflow.exe processes and not closing. A timeout mechanism has been added to the main form that will unload the workflow even if Session Logon is configured.









Wrong default reading direction in the PDF output if the OCR language is not specified explicitly. Default is set to left to right reading direction..









1. Introduced a new advanced setting (ManagerShutdownTimeout) making configurable the time for ShareScan Manager shutdown. Its default value is 60 seconds. This value should be increased to avoid issue described above. 2. Fixed by improving glossary management and by introducing a more robust synchronization mechanism to avoid unexpected intermittent glossary related errors. 3. Fixed the issue by eliminating the dependecy between the workflow initialization and the ShareScan installation folder.









During scanning on Scanstation via Twain/ISIS driver a window pops up and consequently, the user cannot enter data to fill up index information parallelly. The popup window will still appear, but it won't get away the focus, because it is initiated in 'Always on top' mode.









Support of KM devices with Chromium based browser introduce.









Table Key Lookup attributes cannot be used when OTCS 16.2 is configured with Web services protocol. Valid values for Table Key Lookup attributes are supported through REST API when using OpenText Content Server 16.2 or higher.









It is not possible to import an exported profile when it includes 3rd party connector profile. The identified issues were fixed.









The problem can happen when there is an identical user and computer name in the AD. In some cases, there is a chance, that the ShareScan picks the wrong during the Directory Search. The query was fixed by using "person" object category filter.









Xerox reported issues with Xerox Remote Scan Module on ScanStation using PrimeLink device. RSD has been updated to 20.1.19120.1200









In Worksite clients (Desksite and Fileset) Description column can be configured to use for mail ('Use description for mail' option). In this case, the filename of the attached document is composed of the content of the Description field and a file extension. In ShareScan when the Description attribute in a WorkSite connector profile is configured to contain the filename, that filename will also contain a file extension and as a result, the attached filename in an email will contain two file extensions.









This intermittent problem can happen when multiple files are placed in a watchfolder and the ShareScan Manager starts to process these files approximately at the same time. In this case, several workflows start to use the same temp folder under the ScannedFiles directory. As a result, the content of certain documents could be overwritten with the content of other document.









After the New Document button is pressed, a new workflow is started and it uses a clone of the original data publishing object. The problem is, that at the new workflow's "pre-scan phase" the "Workflow_IsPostScanPhase" publishing value is already set. This is wrong because this value should be set only after the scanmore form was reached in the given workflow. In this case, this value is inherited from the original workflow's data publishing object and that's the problem.









In case the input image is very high resolution and LZW encoded, then the created PDF file is having a black block on the file.









When Quick Connect was configured with a "Destination list" and this list contained both Connector Destination and other kind of destinations then an unwanted XML file had been delivered to the destinations. This XML file did not appear in the output of the Connector Destination only in the output of other destinations.









NBC ignored the User Configuration settings.









On the UK english soft keyboard of web-based clients missing these 2 keys: # and ~









If session logon configured, during the login process ShareScan attempts to obtain the AD security group membership info for the given user. The group membership info is stored in the database inefficiently, each membership info is written to the database one-by-one. This means that the following procedure is repeated for each groups which contain the user.









When hand written pages are scanned, it's possible that the page orientation detection algorithm of CSDK gives incorrect result. As a consequence of this, hand written pages may get flipped.









#1 An error message appears instead of attributes if a default folder was configured or in case of OpenText Content Server (OTCS) 16.2.



#2 Recent folders belonging to a folder under Personal workspace of a non-internal OTCS user are not selectable.









#1 If the scanned pages are more than a certain limit, device shows a Scanning error message on the preview form. Error message is: None.



#2 The Tomcat temp directory is filling up with .TMP files.









If one of the profiles contains apostrophe in its name that breaks the SQL script responsible for profile modifications.









Intermittently ShareScan Manager stops working during a Scan to Printer connector workflow in certain circumstances because of a synchronization issue.









If RapPID is enabled for a Lookup Extender profile with multiple fields it is possible to get the second field to be cached so that value gets displayed after the first use.









The Unity container of eCopyDataProcessor is a child container of the global container. The problem was that we haven't disposed this child container and therefore the global container kept a reference to it.









When Shortcutcreator is started an exception is thrown because LocalDB service is not found.









When the Next button is pressed on the DLE form, the onLeave event was not raised for the last selected field and therefore the DLE lookup logic was skipped.









The issue is related to Data Publishing field with DateTime type. Though the datetime value is sent properly to the client(s) but client does not display it in DateTimePicker. [SharePoint]









Error happens when try to load license keys into ShareScan 6.1 SP1 in localized environments.









ShareScan default rotation calibration for HP devices is correct only for certain old HP devices which do not have Auto color feature.









Sharescan eCopy error when "Restrict Access to Everything" is set for Non-logged in user permissions on the Xerox device.