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eCopy ShareScan 6.2 Hotfix list

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ShareScan 6.2 (6.2.10724.0) Hotfixes

Hotfixes in this list can be implemented on ShareScan versions 6.2.10724.0

Fix Packs can be download from page.

Fix pack



ShareScan HF number



Fix Summary







Pages of PDF output documents are auto-rotated when Searchable Text is enabled. Fix Pack 1






ShareScan processing crashes when certain pages are loaded.



When TCE is used together with page removal, the text content was not read after the first removed page. Fix has been implemented in TCE.



Added support for user credentials in UPN (User Principal Name) format on the Session Logon form
Introduced secure LDAP connection configuration option in QuickConnect connector 'SMTP Message' destination
when Send from account type is 'Personal Account - LDAP Authentication'
(This functionality is related to Microsoft's 2020 LDAP channel binding and LDAP signing requirements for Windows.)







Intensive use of (watcher) workflows configured with DLE profile(s) could cause memory issues







The SetConnectorXml method has changed in v6.1 to clean up Personal Profile data more accurately. This change didn't take into account the AutoSync scenario, therefore if somebody tries to delete a connector profile from an AutoSync client, then it will remove all profiles for the connector. Validating the profile XML fragments with the Manager ID of the AutoSync master.







The iManage connector does not provide the option to automatically write the system date to an index field. Earlier the PS team made customization using the Custom22 attribute (CDATE2) for ShareScan 5.x versions. A new configuration options 'Assign System Date to Custom22 Attribute' is introduced to fill out the Custom22 attribute with system date automatically. This option can be configured on the Navigation Tab of the profile destination configuration dialog in the Administration Console.







For certain device types, there was a NullReferenceException in the FX registration plugin while trying to parse the EWB version string. Issue has been fixed in the FX registration plugin.







Registering a Canon device in the ShareScan Admin Console (AC) requires direct connection to the database. Thus, in case of Windows Integrated Authentication the user who runs the AC must have the necessary permission to connect the database. Admin console has been modified to use the credentials of ShareScan Agent in order to query the RSA keys.