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eCopy ShareScan 6.3 Hotfix list

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ShareScan 6.3 (6.3.10709.0) Fix Packs are cumulative.

Hotfixes in this list can be implemented on ShareScan versions 6.3.10709.0

ONLY Fix Packs can be download from page.

Normal [not FixPacks] hotfixes need to request through ticketing system

Fix pack



ShareScan HF number



Fix Summary Fix Pack 3






Scanning on Fuji Xerox devices failed when the previous scanning job was canceled on the device's native screen.



OpenText Content Server connector could not be configured with Web services protocol when deploying Content Web Services application on a Java application server.



After restarting the ShareScan Agent service, Data Publishing Key configurations of the QuickConnect / Scan To File connector profiles and the Data Lookup Extender profiles disappeared in Administration Console.



A database limitation arose with the QuickConnect connector index file when configuring for Database format with an OLE DB Provider, such as the OLE DB Provider for PostgreSQL. Only character type database fields could be configured for storing index fields.



In the Notification service, the SMTP server port could not be configured. Always the default SMTP server ports were used. Fix Pack 2






Support added for using the ShareScan Manager service user in the Session Logon service and in SMTP Mail and Fax connectors to perform LDAP operations.



The output document creation was not suspended while the workflow was in an “active” UI phase, which caused a non-responsive UI on ScanStation in case of high load. Configure the newly introduced 'ScanStationDelaysOutputCreation' advanced setting as 'true' to suspend the output document creation while the workflow is in an "active state" on ScanStation. Fix Pack 1






In case of certain input pages, the Auto rotate/Auto-orient operation resulted in incorrect orientation of the output document pages.



After upgrading from ShareScan version 5.4, Smart Form Extender Data Publishing keys configured in Quick Connect or Data Lookup Extender profiles contained invalid values.



If a non-English client language was configured, certain field values (e.g. certain values of the iManage Worksite server 'Class' attribute) might have been translated unnecessarily thus resulting in an invalid field value.



Workflows configured with the Form Overlay Extender failed with an error when the 'Scan More' button was used on the ScanStation Preview form.



If you have Exchange Mail / Fax connector profiles created in an earlier ShareScan version, and - in the current ShareScan version - you modify at least one of these but not all; then Exchange Mail / Fax connector profiles cannot be used.






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