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Add multiple Canon devices to ShareScan 5.x with the import function

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The instructions to import multiple devices in a batch for Canon devices is in the Installation Guide (EN-EC-CAN-IG-5.4-SP2-20160803) in section 5.2.1.  It is reproduced below.

To add multiple devices in a batch:

1. Start the ShareScan Administration Console.

2. Click Add Device, or select Add device from the context menu (by right-clicking in the Device Configuration window).

3. Select Import... from the Discovery dropdown list; a standard Open file dialog is displayed and you need to select a file that describes the devices to add. The file must be a .csv file, containing data in the following: 

IP/host, Canon, model, password(string), Secure Image Uploading


                 - IP/host: device IP address (or host name)

                 - Canon: must be Canon

                 - model (or *): specific device model name (or * to get the model name automatically from the device)

                 - password(string): device administrator password used for device registration

                 - secure image uploading: true or false (enable or disable secure image uploading)

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