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Add multiple HP devices to ShareScan 5.x with the import function

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The instructions to import multiple devices in a batch for HP devices is in the Installation Guide (EN-EC-HPD-IG-5.4-SP2-20160523) in section 5.2.1.  It is reproduced below.

To add multiple devices in a batch:

1. Start the ShareScan Administration Console.

2. Click Add Device, or select Add device from the context menu (by right-clicking in the Device Configuration window).

3. Select Import... from the Discovery dropdown list; a standard Open file dialog is displayed and you need to select a file that describes the devices to add. The file must be a .csv file, containing data in the following: 

IP/host, HP, model, username(string), password(string), SNMPGet(string), HTTPS (bool), AsyncBW(bool)

Example:, HP, M4555, admin, 1111, public, false, false

                             - IP/host: device IP address (or host name)

                             - HP: must be HP

                             - model (or *): specific device model name (or * to get the model name automatically from the device)

                             - username(string): device administrator username used for device registration

                             - password(string): device administrator password used for device registration

                             - SNMPGet(string): SNMP get community name (public by default; if otherwise specified on the device web administration page, the same must be included here)

                             - HTTPS(bool): true or false (enable or disable secure communication and file transfer for the device)

                             - AsyncBW(bool): true or false (asynchronous scanning in B&W mode; for optimal performance, true is recommended)

4. The Administration Console displays the file content in the Batch add devices progress window and starts adding the devices one by one.

5. When the processing is finished, the results are displayed in the Batch add devices progress window.

6. When you are done, click Close to exit the window and check the devices on the Devices tab.