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How to remove ShareScan 5.1 hotfixes

There may be cases where a hotfix must be removed from a ShareScan 5.1 server.  This gives information on how to do so.

To remove ShareScan 5.2 hotfixes, please see


Please note that the best practice is to make regular backups of the ShareScan server, ShareScan database, registry, and profiles for disaster recovery purposes.  Making such a backup immediately before installing a hotfix is highly recommended.  If best practices are followed, restoring from the backup is the recommended method to revert to the state before installing a hotfix.  If such backups are not available, the steps below may be the only option.

NOTE: Use the below steps with caution. The steps below restores the files that the hotfix installer modifies.

  1. Ensure appropriate backups have been collected before modifying the implementation. Modifying ShareScan system files may cause software corruption and might require a reinstallation of the software. Proceed at your own risk.
  2. Close the Administration console
  3. Right click on the ShareScan icon in the Windows System Tray, and select Exit
  4. In the Windows Services, stop the following services
    • "Service name (Display name, if different)"
    • Tomcat7 (Apache Tomcat 7.0)
    • ShareScan Manager (ShareScan Manager v: 5.1)
    • ShareScan Agent (ShareScan Agent v: 5.1)
    • FormsProcessor (Nuance Forms Processor)
    • Nuance Documentum API
    • PushKeyService
    • NIFTraceService (Nuance Imaging Framework Trace Service)
    • Nuance MAPI-Process Starter
    • Nuance Printer API
    • S2D Inbox Agent
  5. Browse to the Hotfixes folder located in the ShareScan install directory
    •  \Nuance\ShareScan5.1\Hotfixes
    •  Note: the system install folder may be C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86)
  6. Find the latest hotfix folder, inside there should be three folders CommonAppData, Devices, Server together with a webclient.msi file
  7. Copy and paste the contents of the three folders into their respective directories as noted below:
    • CommonAppData : (win7 or 2008)  C:\ProgramData\ (xp or 2003) C:\documents and settings\all users\Application Data
    • Devices:  \Nuance\Tomcat 7.0\webapps\ShareScan\devices
    • Server: \Nuance\ShareScan5.1\Server
  8. If webclient.msi is present, perform the following
    • In "Programs and Features" uninstall "eCopy ShareScan 5.1 WebClient"
    • If restoring to a previous hotfix, locate the appropriate folder in \Nuance\ShareScan5.1\Hotfixes and find the webclient.msi file, then launch.
    • If removing the only hotfix, find the original installer files.  Locate SS51WebClient.msi and launch it to install.
    • Follow the instructions to install the web client.
  9. Reboot the ShareScan server if possible. Otherwise, start the ShareScan services and test functionality.
    • Note that the S2D Inbox Agent service can only be started on the configuration of the ScanToDesktop connector in the Administration Console