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How to remove ShareScan 5.4 hotfixes

There may be cases where a hotfix must be removed from a ShareScan 5.4 server.  This gives information on how to do so.

To remove hotfixes from ShareScan 5.1, please see . To remove hotfixes from ShareScan 5.2, please see .


Please note that the best practice is to make backups regularly of the ShareScan server, ShareScan database, registry, and profiles for disaster recovery purposes.  Making such a backup immediately before installing a hotfix is highly recommended.  If best practices are followed, restoring from the backup is the recommended method to revert to the state before installing a hotfix.  If such backups are not available, the steps below may be the only option.

Ensure appropriate backups have been collected for disaster recovery purposes.  Proceed at your own risk.

  1. Open the Administration console
  2. Make database backup
  3. Export Profiles and Connectors (optional, precaution only)
  4. Go to Advanced Tab
  5. Click on Database / Database Configuration
  6. Make note of Server Name.  This value will be required when reinstalling the software.  For LocalDB, for example, the value may be "(localdb)\.\eCopyShareScan".
  7. Close the Administration console
  8. Right click on the ShareScan icon in the Windows System Tray, and select Exit
  9. Open Windows Service Control Manager and stop Apache Tomcat 7 service
    • If a warning or error is encountered when stopping the service, make sure the service process is terminated. This can be done in the Windows Task Manager - check if Tomcat7.exe process is still running. If it is still listed, select and click the End Process button.
  10. Open Programs and Features and uninstall the following: 
    • Apache Tomcat 7.0 (remove only)
    • eCopy ShareScan 5.4
    • eCopy ShareScan 5.4 Help
    • eCopy ShareScan 5.4 WebClient
    • Nuance Imaging Framework Trace Service
    • Nuance OmniPage Capture SDK 19.16
    • Recognita Scanner Driver
  11. Reboot the ShareScan server if required.
  12. Run the ShareScan 5.4 installer
  13. Choose "Remove" and finish the wizard.
  14. Run the ShareScan 5.4 installer to start install.
  15. Choose Custom Install and unselect "Install Microsoft SQL Server database engine on this machine" AND "eCopy ShareScan configuration database".
  16. When prompted for the "Database Catalog Name" enter the SQL server name, found in step 6 above.
  17. Install preferred hotfix version
  18. Open the Administration console
  19. Verify all settings
  20. Test