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Installing Exchange Certificates on ShareScan Managers

How to install certificates from Exchange on a ShareScan Manager.


Handling Certificates from Exchange when using the Exchange connector.

When using the Exchange Web Services (EWS) or WebDav modes of eCopy ShareScan's Exchange connector, on occasion, certificates must be manually installed to the ShareScan Manager.


Open Outlook Web Access (OWA) in Internet Explorer using an HTTPS prefix in the URL.

Open the certificate in Internet Explorer by left clicking the lock icon right of the OWA URL, select "View Certificate".

Select Install Certificate.

Select "Place all certificates in the following store".

Select Browse.

Select the Checkbox titled "Show physical stores"

Install the certificate to the following store.

"Trusted Root Certification Authority - Local Computer"

Following these steps will help EWS and WebDav SSL sessions maintain validity between Exchange and client systems.

For walkthrough with screenshots please see attached.



How to install an SSL cert for OWA.pdf (154 KB)