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PCC 4 and Kofax capture products on Ricoh MFP: Installation order

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Installation order for eCopy ShareScan or AutoStore and PCC 4.2.x on Ricoh MFPs

For MFPs with Java 7.x and earlier, there is no specific order requirement. 

For MFPs with Java 10.x,11.x, and later, it was discovered that the order of installation affects the order that the applications are started and shut down. This can affect the user's login experience for the first login after MFP reboot.

The recommended installation order for PCC 4 and embedded clients for capture (AutoStore Xlet or eCopy ShareScan) on Ricoh MFP is as follows:

  1. Uninstall ShareScan or AutoStore, PCC 4 and Remote Admin if already installed, if the original installation order is unknown.
  2. Reboot MFP after uninstalling above applications.  The MFP will not prompt for this, but this is best practice as it clears out temporary files.  Uninstalling all applications first then rebooting once is sufficient. 
  3. Install the capture application (ShareScan Embedded or AutoStore Xlet) as per best practice
  4. Install PCC 4
  5. Install Remote Administration Tool

This is especially important with ShareScan client 5.4.30823.0.  If this order is not followed, the card reader may not function.