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ShareScan: Recommendation for upgrading with a Shared SQL database to 5.x or 6.1 with a Service Pack

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What are the Kofax best practices recommendations when upgrading from ShareScan 5.x with a shared SQL database to a newer version of ShareScan 5.x or 6.x with a service pack?


All servers sharing the SQL database should first be upgraded to the primary software version. Once all servers are upgraded, the service pack should be implemented on all servers.

Upgrading one server to the service pack version before upgrading the other server to the primary version may cause database corruption or other conflicts.

If you want to upgrade from ShareScan v5.4 to v6.x.
All ShareScan v6.x install supports only upgrade from v5.x to v6.x

- Download eCopy software: Https://

- Follow the below example the order of installation


A customer has 2 ShareScan servers running ShareScan version 5.4 with a shared SQL database. They want to upgrade to ShareScan version 6.x.

Please note that all v6.x ONLY supports upgrade from v5.4 version. If a customer has older version needs to upgrade first to v5.4 than upgrade to v6.x.

The upgrade order recommended is:

  1. Upgrade Server A to ShareScan 6.x
  2. Upgrade Server B to ShareScan 6.x
  3. Apply FixPack to Server A (if applicable)
  4. Apply FixPack to Server B (if applicable)

It is NOT RECOMMEDED to do the following:

  1. Upgrade Server A to ShareScan 6.x
  2. Apply FixPack to Server A
  3. Upgrade Server B to ShareScan 6.x
  4. Apply FixPack to Server B

If you use Canon or Ricoh devices. You need to upgrade the device clients as well.

Download ShareScan Clients:

Canon Embedded Client compatibility:

Ricoh Embedded Client compatibility:

Additional Resources: