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End of Support, Sales dates for ShareScan

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End of Support date for eCopy ShareScan v4 and PaperWorks;

End of Sales dates for eCopy ShareScan v5 ScanStation v5


Description of terms:

• End of New Sales:
        The date after which no sales of that version may be sold to a new end-user.

• End of Add-ons:
        The date after which no sales of Add-on licenses will be processed for existing end-users.
        The purpose of the add-on phase is to allow customers to update their existing infrastructure
        without having to immediately migrate to the latest server version.  However, customers are
        advised to migrate as soon as technically possible.

• End of Support:
        Kofax will provide support up until this date.  Renewals may be purchased through the end
        of support, however any support term that extends beyond the end of support date will
        require the end-user to upgrade to V5 (or later) in order to receive support services.

Affected Part Numbers

All eCopy ShareScan 4.x and PaperWorks M&S renewal part numbers are affected for the end of
support date. Please refer to your eCopy Price List.

All eCopy ShareScan v5 and ScanStation v5 licenses and initial maintenance part numbers are affected by the respective end of sales dates.  Please refer to your eCopy Price List.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How can I upgrade the version of ShareScan in my showroom?
A: Contact your sales representative to arrange for a ShareScan v6 NFR license.
Q: Does this announcement affect connectors too?
A: Yes, end of sale / support dates in this announcement include v4 and v5 connectors.
Q: How will M&S renewals be handled over the next year for ShareScan v4?
A: Renewals will be allowed as normal, but support that extends extend beyond 12/31/2018 will
require that end-users upgrade to ShareScan v5 (or later) in order to receive support services.
Q: I have a ShareScan v4 with eCopy PaperWorks bundled and just want to keep my PDF license active.  What should I do?
A: Purchase a renewal for your eCopy PaperWorks license, then upgrade to eCopy PDF Pro.