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Information on Send to eCopy ShareScan

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Information on Send to eCopy ShareScan


With the release of ShareScan v5 Service Pack 4, Send to eCopy ShareScan (also called "push scanning") is now available when using a ScanStation.

Send to eCopy ShareScan is an alternative method to acquiring images from any scanning device using the native scanning function of the MFP or scanner. The Send to eCopy ShareScan service allows the user to configure a local folder or network shared folder on the ScanStation machine (which is used by Send to eCopy as a source folder), from where it picks up images for processing. Once the pages are loaded in the ShareScan user interface, they will be used in the ShareScan capture workflow.


  • No separate license is required to enable Send to eCopy ShareScan.  Send to eCopy ShareScan is available through the same process as selecting drivers for ScanStation.
  • To use the service, the scanner must be configured to have access to the watched folder. Also, the administrators of the Send to eCopy service must supply an instruction image, which contains guidelines for the scanning procedure, and is displayed at the ScanStation screen when accessing the Send to eCopy service.