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ShareScan: How to Upgrade to the Latest Version

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How to request a software upgrade for eCopy products.

Upgrade Requirements:

  • Only licenses with active Maintenance and Support contracts are eligible for upgrades.
  • Upgrades are only available to the current software version. Example: a customer with 4.3.5 cannot upgrade to 5.4 as the current software version (at time of writing) is 6.1.
  • Review technical recommendations for upgrading the solution including pre-requisites, release notes etc. to ensure that the software will meet customer needs and expectations. For ShareScan upgrades, Proof of Concept (POC) installations in the customer environment are strongly recommended. 
  • NOTE: Downgrades of licenses are not available. Please ensure that the upgrade is desired before requesting it.

How to Upgrade:

Create a support case at requesting an upgrade and provide the following details:

  • End customer company name.
  • All ShareScan licenses that require an upgrade.
  • Provide any optional connectors that are currently in use to be included with the upgrade.