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ShareScan: Ricoh Embedded Client compatibility

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Which version of ShareScan Client for Ricoh MFP should be used with which version of ShareScan server?


Please see the matrix below for compatibility when using ShareScan Embedded for Ricoh MFP.

You can download the latest JAR files from


YES = Compatible and supported

No = Not compatible and not supported

Limited = In order to make the transition period easier when upgrading to 5.4 some compatibility is maintained, but optimal performance is not guaranteed and Nuance does not provide any support for such configurations. The new features (such as parallel workflow) will not work when using 5.2.20116.x with 5.4 server, and other problems may also occur. It is strongly recommended to upgrade to the appropriate 5.4 JAR version as soon as possible after upgrading the server to 5.4.