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ShareScan - Can SMB be disabled on systems?

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Will disabling SMB on ShareScan systems have any adverse effects?


ShareScan server/clients do not use directly SMBv1. Disabling SMBv1 and enabling SMBv2/3 on OS level on the server side will not affect eCopy ShareScan scan to folder processes.


When ScanStation is configured with Send to eCopy driver, in this case the MFD scans directly to a configured folder on the ShareScan server machine using SMB protocol and ScanStation processes images from that folder.

If SMBv1 is disabled on server side but the device is configured with SMB v1 version, and the device attempts to send to the configured folder on the server using SMBv1 protocol then the scanning will fail. This can be a problem if the device does not yet support SMBv2 or 3. This is a device configuration issue and not a ShareScan issue.

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