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ShareScan 6.x and 5.x Embedded client for Ricoh MFP download information

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Information for downloading Embedded client for Ricoh for ShareScan 6.2, 6.1, 5.4, 5.2 and 5.1.

For a full list of devices supported with ShareScan Embedded for Ricoh please see the Supported Devices List.

To install the ShareScan client, the Ricoh Web Image Monitor or the ShareScan Administration Console can be used. Please follow the instructions in the eCopy Installation and Setup Guide for complete details.

Note: If eCopy ShareScan and Equitrac PCC are installed on the same MFP, please note the required order of installations.

ShareScan version 6.2 and 6.1:

The current supported eCopy ShareScan 6.2 and 6.1 client for Ricoh is 6.0.11201.4. See the appropriate details. Requires ShareScan 6.2 (recommended), 6.1 or 6.0 server software.

ShareScan version 5.4:

The current supported eCopy ShareScan 5.4 client for Ricoh is 5.4.30824.4. See link at the bottom of this article. Requires ShareScan 5.4 server software.

ShareScan version 5.2:

The current supported eCopy ShareScan 5.2 client for Ricoh is 5.2.20116.1.  See link at the bottom of this article. Requires ShareScan 5.2 server software.

ShareScan version 5.1:

The current supported eCopy ShareScan 5.1 client for Ricoh 5.1.20821.0.  See link at the bottom of this article. Requires ShareScan 5.1 server software.

Issues Addressed in 5.1.208210 :

  • Intermittent Blue Screen  (Additional Fix Requirements)
  • Intermittent authentication passthrough delay with PCC integration  (Additional Fix Requirements)
  • Intermittent authentication failure with PCC integration

Issues Addressed in 5.1.206070 :

  • Ricoh Embedded UK English Soft Keyboard layout issue
  • Search While Typing text disappearing

Downloads: See attachments below

By proceeding with the download and installation of this software you are confirming that this software will only be a) installed on a device associated with a valid eCopy Maintenance and Support Agreement (M&S) or b) used for an initial ShareScan installation. Installing this software in any other environment (with the exception of showrooms or limited term evaluations) constitutes a violation of eCopy's M&S and End User License Agreements.


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