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Verify eCopy Stand Stability

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Verify eCopy ScanStation Stand Stability

Tests have shown that there are avoidable situations in which the eCopy stand may be tipped over. These guidelines explain easily adopted safe usage practices to avoid tipping. Kofax has received no information suggesting that injury or damage has occurred, however out of an abundance of caution we want to provide guidelines that will enable safe usage of this product in all circumstances.

Important: Please read and adhere to all the safety instructions, warnings, cautions and installation instructions to avoid personal injury, equipment and/or property damage. In common with many products, injury, equipment and/or property damage may occur if these guidelines are not followed.

Stand Usage: The eCopy stand maybe used in three different ways: Normal Usage, Freestanding, Long Term Storage



Safe Practice Instructions:

    (1)    Normal Usage Mode:

With the stand’s entire ‘forklifts’ positioned fully beneath a floor-standing multi-function printer (MFP).
Stability: The stand is stable and cannot be tipped unless subject to abnormal force.
 clipboard_e78869ceffacf4cb3a92d8e54e71abef7.png SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS: See General Safety Information below.

    (2)    Freestanding:

The stand’s forklifts are not positioned beneath a floor-standing multi-function printer


clipboard_e2d6541e75a51f4403bdf43576ca0b762.pngThe stand may, if disturbed, tip over if the instructions below are not followed.

Safe stand movement from/to MFP:
  • Remove trip hazards from work area.
  • Two persons must assist each other during stand movement.

Important: Before moving stand release castor wheel locks on castors opposite to forklifts.


To unlock caster wheel lift tab in direction of arrow.
One person moves the stand by grasping the stand pillar with two hands where it exits stand base and at it’s top, then pulls stand away from MFP, using the casters to steer.

clipboard_e78869ceffacf4cb3a92d8e54e71abef7.png The second person must always have a stabilizing hand on the monitor and be ready to firmly hold the stand to prevent tip-over.

Stand temporarily away from MFP:

One person must always be positioned with a hand on the stand to prevent it being disturbed (hence possibly tipped over) by other persons passing nearby, until the forklifts are entirely and fully re-positioned beneath the MFP.

(3)    Long Term Storage Mode:

The eCopy system is not in use and is to be stored away from an MFP.
Stability: The stand may be made stable by removing the monitor as follows:

The required steps are:
clipboard_e78869ceffacf4cb3a92d8e54e71abef7.png Working whilst stand has the entire forklifts fully positioned beneath the MFP:

  • Remove trip-hazards by disconnecting all cables from the stand and positioning them away from the working area.
  • Remove Monitor: This is easily accomplished by
    • (i) disconnecting cables from monitor and then
    • (ii) taking the monitors weight whilst removing the four M4 knobs from the monitor mount. No tools are required for these steps.
  • Then:
    • Two persons move stand back from MFP, as described in (2) above.
    • Two persons then re-position the eCopy stand to its long-term storage location.
(4)    Safe Servicing Operations to MFP:

a.     clipboard_e2d6541e75a51f4403bdf43576ca0b762.png To gain access to key parts of the MFP the stand may need to be moved. The instructions in (2) above must then be followed.

(5)    Safe Servicing Operations to eCopy PC and stand:

a.      clipboard_e78869ceffacf4cb3a92d8e54e71abef7.pngIt is highly preferable that any cable adjustments and other changes to the eCopy PC are performed with the eCopy stand entire forklifts remaining fully positioned beneath the MFP, since the operator can then accidentally disturb the stand without potentially causing it to tip over.

b.  clipboard_e2d6541e75a51f4403bdf43576ca0b762.pngIf it is necessary to move the eCopy stand away from the MFP the instructions in (2) above must then be followed.

General Safety information:

Purpose of the eCopy Product:

The ScanStation’s purpose is to provide a specific physical arrangement of PC and Monitor close to a Multi-Function Printer (MFP), to enable an operator to use the Kofax eCopy software whilst also operating the MFP. The intended usage environment is a business office and the expected operator is an adult who has been trained to understand the products safety characteristics and limitations, as summarized above and below.

Usage of this product for purposes other than those described or in an environment that has different characteristics that are significantly different than those that can be reasonably expected in a business office is at the user and owner’s risk. The terms of Kofax warranty, and maintenance and support services, may be violated by such usage.

clipboard_e78869ceffacf4cb3a92d8e54e71abef7.png Please read and adhere to all the safety instructions, warnings, cautions, practices and installation instructions to avoid personal injury, equipment and/or property damage. In common with many products, injury, equipment and/or property damage may occur if the products safety instructions are not followed.


clipboard_e2d6541e75a51f4403bdf43576ca0b762.pngScanStation may tip over if leaned on by the operator or others for support or climbed upon. When being used for in its normal mode of usage the ScanStation’s entire forklifts must be fully positioned under an MFP to ensure stability, as shown in the diagram above.

The cautions mentioned below must be followed:

  • Ensure the ScanStation is installed on a flat and level surface clear of cables or other obstructions.
  • Entire forklifts must be fully positioned under the MFP as shown above. This is the normal mode of usage. If the ScanStation is not positioned as shown, it could tip over and fall causing damage to equipment or injury to personnel if the safety instructions are not adhered to.
  • clipboard_e2d6541e75a51f4403bdf43576ca0b762.png To prevent accidental tip-over for brief periods when the forklift wheels are not beneath an MFP, the ScanStation should be steadied to prevent accidental tip over by having a person continuously hold the monitor, until the ScanStation is repositioned into its normal mode with the entire forklift wheels fully positioned beneath an MFP.
  • clipboard_e2d6541e75a51f4403bdf43576ca0b762.png If long-term storage away from an MFP is required, the ScanStation must be made stable by removing the monitor, and then positioned and protected such it cannot be tipped over, and an appropriate caution notice in the local language placed on it.


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Applies to:  

Product Version
Kofax eCopy ShareScan 6.x
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