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eCopy: Manual activation for ShareScan 6.x licenses

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Please note:

  • If upgrading from 5.x to 6.x, 5.x keys must be applied first.
  • If originally a 4.x (or 4.x customer who has upgraded to 5.x) and are now upgrading to 6.x, be sure to use ShareScan 6.1 SP1 or newer
  • If upgrading directly from v4.x to v6.x, please open a ticket with the Licensing Support team by opening a Support Case in the normal way.
  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter the license key.
  3. Download the license file (as a Zip file) and save the Zip file on the PC where the ShareScan Admin Console is installed.
  4. Navigate to the Admin Console.
  5. Select the "Load License" button on the left sidebar.
  6. Follow the Load License Wizard, selecting the "Import Licenses from File" on the second page of the Wizard.
  7. Browse to the zipped license file and select it to complete the Wizard.
  8. In Admin Console, select the "Activate" button on the left sidebar.
  9. Follow the Activation Wizard:
    • On second page of the Wizard, make note of the "Database Server ID" or "Hardware Finger Print" for future reference as it may be needed for troubleshooting activation issues. Also, setting up the "Failover Database" is not required and may be established at a later date.
    • On third page of the Wizard, select "Manual Activation".
    • On fourth page of the Wizard. click on the "ナ" to specify a location to store the new zip file with a new file name (this file is the license file with the hardware fingerprint added).
    • Select "Next" and "Finish" to complete the Activation Wizard.
  10. Navigate to
  11. Browse to the file that was saved in Step 9.
  12. Select "Activate". This will activate the license to the hardware finger print and create a new file called "licenses_activated".
  13. Download the "licenses_activated" file from this site and save it to the PC where the ShareScan Admin Console is installed.
  14. Navigate to the Admin Console.
  15. Select the "Load Activated" button on the left sidebar.
  16. Follow the Load Activated Wizard:
    • Browse to the "licenses_activated" file.
    • Bring the "licenses_activated" file into the Admin Console.
    • Select "Next", "Start" and "Finish" to complete the Wizard.
  17. The License will now activate. When the process is completed, the license key will appear in the Admin Console with all green checkmarks next to the products.

See also instructions for Automatic Activation.