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eCopy Product Registration and Activation processes defined

Registration and Activation are two separate processes used with ShareScan licensing. Please see a description of each process below:

eCopy Product Registration:

eCopy Product Registration is completed by going to the eCopy Registration website and adding a license key to an account. Registration provides the following functionalities:

  • Identifies license ownership by an end user company
  • Provides a record of a customer's product purchases. This ensures that in case of system failure or employee termination, order information is maintained.
  • Allows visibility to Maintenance and Support status
  • Provides access to software downloads and accompanying documentation.
  • Provides access to software upgrades to current software version during warranty period.
  • Allows the selection of optional connectors/ extenders and Connector Access License options.

eCopy Product Activation:

eCopy Product Activation is completed by clicking the Activate license option in the ShareScan Administration Console. Steps may vary by software version, please see version specific documentation for this process.

  • This enables ShareScan software functionality including ability to add and configure devices, connectors and services.

Note: Activation is required before the 30 day software grace period expires or the application is locked down from further usage.



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