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eCopy ShareScan License Upgrade

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eCopy ShareScan downloads are only available through the Kofax Electronic Delivery website at A license with active maintenance must be registered on this website to access the applicable downloads. 

The eCopy Registration website is no longer available. 

Optional Connectors

Optional Connectors cannot be requested through the Kofax Electronic Delivery website. Connector types must be provided at time of order placement. In the case where the connector type was not provided, please follow up with your Kofax Regional Sales Representative as a new order will need to be placed to generate the connector licenses.

Optional connector license information: Kofax_ShareScan_Family_Comparison.pdf

License Upgrade

To request an upgrade from eCopy ShareScan v5 to v6, please open a Support Case [ or] and provide all v5 ShareScan and optional connector licenses.

License upgrade is free of charge, if the license has valid current M&S contract.

Kofax eCopy ShareScan license upgrade from v5 to v6:

  • Customer name
  • Customer Address
  • Optional connector license(s)
    This is a Must in case of Office and Suite license. In case the optional connector licenses were not requested during upgrade later only Sales team can request it by modify the order.
    • Element license: does not have Optional Connector license
    • Office license: has 1 optional connector license (see Select 1 below)
    • Suite - ScanStation license: has 3 optional connector licenses (see Select 3 below)
    • Enterprise license: Contains all.
      • Kofax family comparison.png

KB for manual license activation for ShareScan :

Applies to:  
Product Version
ShareScan 5




Article # 3017731
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