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eCopy product registration FAQS

Q. Is product registration necessary?

A. While product registration is not required, it must be completed in order to:

- Access Customer Support Services

Technical Support

Customer Support

Hardware repair/replacement (RMA) services

- Obtain

Product updates and upgrades

ShareScan Connectors for the ShareScan Suite product

Q. Does product need to be registered if Maintenance & Support (M&S) is not purchased?

A. No. However, without M&S, you are not entitled to support or software upgrades. By registering your product, you will have a record of what you own if you decide, in the future, to continue to use Nuance product and wish to purchase M&S.

Q. What information is collected in a product registration profile?

A. When you create a profile, you will be asked for company name, address, your name and your corporate email address. The email address may be used to notify you of software upgrades that have become available or pertinent support notices.

Q. How do I know Nuance will keep my info private?

A. Nuance understands the importance of providing you with information concerning the collection and use of data collected from you. Please see Nuance Privacy Policy for a complete description.

Q. How do I register?

A. To register, go to If you haven't created a user account, you will need to do so. On the landing page, click the button "Create a Profile" and follow the instructions. It should only take a couple of minutes to complete.

Q. What is considered "product" in the registration system?

A. License Keys (21 digits), Software Serial Numbers (10 digits) and Maintenance & Support Agreement Numbers (8 digits) are considered products that should be registered. These have financial value and ownership is established by registering these items. Note, Hardware Serial Numbers are no longer accepted in registration. Maintenance and Support Agreement Numbers must be registered against a primary product already registered with eCopy.

Q. Why would a dealer register products for their customer?

A. As dealers are responsible for providing first level support to the end customer, some dealers may prefer to maintain records of the eCopy products on their customers' behalf. This would allow the dealer to handle maintenance as well as software updates for the eCopy products. By registering the products for their customer, the dealer ensures that they receive all product related communications from eCopy which they should pass along to their customers.

Q. Is there any difference in coverage if the dealer registers the product instead of the end customer?

A. No. The coverage is the same. The only difference is who may be notified of the availability of the updates.

Q. How do I get my Connectors for ShareScan Suite and ScanStation Suite?

A. To gain access to eCopy Connectors that were purchased as part of the ShareScan or ScanStation products, you must first register the product. After the registration is completed there will be a list of available Connectors each with a pull down menu. One of the actions available from the pull down allows the download of the selected Connector.

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