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Barcode Recognition Extender cannot be located in ShareScan v5 Administration Console

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This notice is for customers that have purchased an add-on license of eCopy Barcode Recognition Extender for eCopy ShareScan v5 Elements, v5 Office or ShareScan v5 Suite. This solution shows how to properly access the Barcode Recognition Extender from the ShareScan Administration Console.

The Barcode Recognition Extender has been properly licensed but cannot be found in the ShareScan v5 Administration Console in the Services panel as indicated below.

The Barcode Recognition Extender is built into the "Image Enhancement" Module. Click on the Image Enhancement Extender/Service and click on the "Page Templates" tab. The "Page Templates" allows configuration of the Barcode Recognition Extender.

The Extender is configurable as a single profile / page template.

For more information on how to further configure Barcode Recognition, please refer to the ShareScan v5 help.