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Date field missing on File Name when using data gathered through the Forms Processing Extender

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ISSUE: Final document shows a blank field in file name where date information should be.


When utilizing data gathered from the scan jobs for use in the file naming it must follow file naming convention rules defined by Microsoft. If the data contains an illegal character, the field will not appear in the file name.

A filename cannot contain any of the following characters:

\ / : * ? " < > |


By using the eCopy Lookup Extender > Lookup Editor it is possible to use Expressions to manipulate the data to an acceptable form.


@"ᆱFormsProcessingExtender.Template_1.Dateᄏ".Replace(@"/", @"")

This statement would use the DATE zone from the FPE template Template_1 and use the expression Replace(@"/", @"") to replace the '/' in the DATE field with an empty space.

The date xx/xx/xxxx would become xxxxxxxx which could then be used in the output file name.