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Differences in OCR results

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Why are there differences in OCR results from one product to another? You may have noticed that you may get different OCR results from the eCopy ShareScan, ScanStation and PaperWorks products since they have been updated to the OmniPage OCR engine. We're sure that you are getting the benefit of the quality and accuracy of the OmniPage engine but on a rare occasion a character or word that was once recognized is now not recognized properly. Why does this happen? Accurate OCR is a complicated process and no two OCR engines or products approach the problem exactly the same. This means, that while the OmniPage engine is extremely accurate, the characters that are misrecognized won't necessarily be the same characters missed by another product.  In the aggregate you will see an improvement in OmniPage accuracy over previous eCopy products but there is no way to have the OmniPage engine produce the same results of another OCR engine.  They're just built differently.  
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