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Email and Folder Watcher Service TroubleShooting Guide

What is Email and Folder Watcher Service?:

The Folder and email watching service acts as an OCR and delivery service for generic document files and scanned images where the scanner model is not supported any other way. You can also use this service to process documents from non-scanner sources: ShareScan can watch folder(s) and email inboxes (via POP3) and process files/documents that have been

  • moved/copied in to the folder(s) before folder or email watching was activated
  • dropped, by any external document source, into a folder or email inbox being already watched.

This monitoring - processing -delivering service is powered by associating specific watch locations and rules with already existing connector profiles, services and extenders.


  • If intending to work in an AutoSynced, multi-manager environment it is essential that you turn AutoSync ON before you create your watchers. See additional information on
  • When upgrading or importing connectors from software versions prior to 5.2, imported connectors must be re-saved before use.
  • Connector profiles and applied services and extenders to be associated with a watcher service must be configured to operate without end-user interaction. (Express connector profiles). This includes the "User modify" options being disabled. Express connector profiles are displayed as a Gray icon in the Connector's Profile dropdown menu.
  • Ensure  for watch folders are made to prevent conflicts.
  • Review  recommendations and requirements.
  • It is recommended that the Email server is configured to keep the email messages on the server when using email watching. This ensures that Jobs can be restarted via the Job Monitor as necessary


Advanced Configurations:



  • Once you have assigned an Express connector profile to a watching job, you cannot change it into a non-Express one. The connector profile must be removed from the watcher or a new connector profile must be generated.
  • Monitoring Watcher Service jobs:
    • Unlike ShareScan jobs completed using a device, users are not directly interacting with the ShareScan workflow and therefore are not receiving prompts with updates.
    • It is strongly recommended therefore, to utilize the Notification service within the watcher Post Processing options to provide an update upon completion or failure.
    • Additionally, the  allows users or administrators to view and interact with watcher service jobs.


  1. Test the connector profile on a device or simulator to confirm the issue is not at the connector level.
  2. Confirm the Email and Lookup license exists in the ShareScan Licensing table.
  3. Confirm the license is not expired
  4. Confirm the usage has not been exhausted
  5. Confirm the ShareScan WatcherService is started in Windows Services
  6. If using the Job Monitor tool, confirm the job is visible, attempt to restart the job, and provide the error messages associated
  7. Confirm the credentials used for accessing the folder or email account have not changed and have appropriate permissions
  8. Advise any changes to the environment including File server or Mail server changes
  9. Confirm antivirus exceptions have been made for File Server directories
  10. Advise if using multiple managers & whether Auto-sync has been enabled.

Specific issues: