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Equitrac Professional eCopy client with PageCounter Mini integration does not unlock the ScanStation

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When logging in with user id and client matter code the ShareScan ScanStation does not unlock and displays "ScanStation Locked Cost Recovery Enabled"


This can happen if the page counter has been replaced and the field tech has not updated the pagecounter firmware with version 1.2.41


  1. Download the Page Counter Mini (PC Mini) firmware.  Partners and dealers can find this on
  2. Use the EQ Terminal Update program to upload firmware 1.2.41 to the PC Mini.
  3. (Re)start the Components in the order below
    1. Restart the EQSharedEngine Service
    2. Start the Equitrac eCopy Client
    3. Start the ScanStation Client



SAL010241.bin (3.7 MB)