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Forgotten Windows password on the Scanstation

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Someone has changed the Windows password to the eCopy Scanstation and now we do not remember the password.

Is there any way that eCopy can recover/reset the password for me?


Managing Windows user accounts / passwords is the customer's responsibility, so eCopy has no way of recovering specific operating system passwords after a ShareScan installation. The customer's IT department would need to be contacted.

A possible workaround :

  •  to re-image the Scanstation PC back to factory original using the Restore CD's or the restore partition on the Scanstation. But, this will reset the system back to the shipped configuration and any personal data files, specific applications, service packs or Windows Updates will be lost. The Scanstation would need to be reconfigured by the eCopy reseller.
  • Start the PC at SafeMode with administrator. Open ShareScan administration console. Change Password for ScanStation lock