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How to enable trace logs for ShareScan hotfixes and installs

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How can I enable installation logs for hotfixes or service packes under ShareScan 5.1 or later versions?


ShareScan Installers can use logging mechanism to help assist in troubleshooting issues with installing software packages such as Hotfixes, Cumulative Updates or Service Packs. This logging can be enabled by adding parameters to the installer.

This logging method can be used for every FixPack, Hot Fix, Service Pack, Cumulative Update version ShareScan 5.1 and later.

To do so, run the installer in CMD command line with administrator's elevated rights.

After the switches have been added the installation logs will be created under C:\Logs folder,

To create installation logs please follow the steps below.

1 - Create a "Logs" folder under the C drive. Path should look like this: "C:\Logs"

2 - Start CMD command prompt with elevated "run as administrator" right

3 - Navigate to the folder where the installer (FixPack/HotFix/SP/CU) located

4 - Run the installer with the following line replacing with the actual name of the installer

 ShareScan6.5.exe /debuglog"C:\Logs\setupexe.log" /log"C:\Logs"

         ShareScan6.5.0.X_HFXXXXX.exe /debuglog"C:\Logs\setupexe.log" /log"C:\Logs"

5 - After the installation you will find installation log files created under the C:\Logs folder

6 - Collect these files for escalation