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Port Testing tool

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When there is an issue with adding a device to the ShareScan Manager, the following port listener tool can be used to verify the given port is listening properly.

  1. Unplug the network cable from the affected device and plug to a Windows PC which has the same static IP address as the MFP
  2. Download the following TCP listener to the Windows PC:

  1. Launch the application, set the port to 9030 or other port that needs to checked and click start
  1. On the ShareScan Manager PC launch a command prompt and telnet to the MFP (Windows PC)

telnet [device IP] 9030

  1. On the ShareScan Manager PC you should see an immediate Hello ! echo
  1. Enter a few characters for testing ('ssv5' for example) and hit Enter
  1. The string 'ssv5' should show up in the TCP listener's console window launched on the Windows PC

This tool has not been created by Nuance Communications. Support or assistance with this tool will not be provided.

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