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Ricoh USB error: Incompatible USB device

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Problem Statement:

On a Ricoh MFP with USB keyboard connected, the device displays the following error "Incompatible USB Device has been connected. Check the USB device.".

This has been observed with keyboard Model: 100266FNG (ACK-3400U).  This may occur with other USB devices as well, such as card readers. 

Resolution / Workaround

This is a warning message produced by the Ricoh MFP hardware and is not related to Kofax software. Even though this message is displayed, the USB device may function normally with Kofax software.

Other Information

To clear the message, contact your Ricoh MFP support representative, and request that the service mode of the MFP SP 5844-100 "notify support" be set to "0" and then reboot the MFP.

Note: This option may not be available on all Ricoh MFP models.




Ricoh-incompatible-usb-device.png (388 KB)