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ScannedFiles folder has subfolders that contain " DT" in the name

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The C:\ProgramData\Nuance\ShareScan\ScannedFiles folder has subfolders that contain "_DT" at the end of the folder name. 


Document Tracking service is enabled on one or more connectors. The Document Tracking service requires that this folder and it's content remain in order to be able to provide the document tracking information for the jobs. This may cause smaller harddrives to fill up in larger environments.


These files can be removed manually as needed or the customer IT staff can create a script to remove files older than a specified time period (ie 1 month) if Document tracking service is being used. 

In the event that Document Tracking is needed but the location where the files are being stored currently does not have enough free space for this storage, the directory where these files are stored can be modified. This setting is located in the Services > Document Tracking > File Location field.

If Document Tracking service is not intended to be enabled, however is shown as enabled but grayed out in the connectors, this is a known issue. . Additionally a workaround is available below:

  1. Create a temporary Windows shared folder on the local machine.  Assign read/write permissions to everyone.
  2. Open ShareScan Administration and select the Services tab in the lower left hand corner.
  3. Click on Document Tracking.
  4. Enable Document Tracking and place the UNC path in the "Folder location" box. 
  5. Save the profile.
  6. Each connector profile should now be editable.  Open each profile and disable Document Tracking. Save each connector profile.
  7. Remove the UNC path from Document Tracking, disable, and save.
  8. Delete the Windows share.

In addition every connector profile has the Document Tracking checkbox selected but it grayed out, meaning it is not editable.